Check These 3 Characteristics If Zinc Dust Manufacturers Offer Two Different Products

You should understand the differences between zinc dust and zinc powder while looking for zinc dust manufacturers. It is critical to ensure that you get the right product. As a result, you can use the zinc dust for yourself or export it to your clients. Learn the differences between these two products below. 

The Particle Size 

At a glance, zinc dust and zinc powder look the same, yet they are not. One of the differences between these products is the particle size. Say you are looking for zinc dust manufacturers. Trusted manufacturers are about to show you 2.5µ to 9.0µ zinc. 

Just like its name, the texture of this zinc is smooth and soft. On the other hand, zinc powder has a bigger particle size. Manufacturers often produce zinc powder over 9.0µ. 

So, the texture of the powder is rougher than zinc dust. It is better to see the product closer to ensure that you get the right zinc particle you want.

The Color of the Product 

Just like the texture, the color of zinc dust and zinc power also look similar, yet both of them are different. It will be hard for you to decide if you are not used to them yet. zinc dust manufacturers explain that the color of zinc dust is grayish blue. 

Imagine that you are mixing gray with a little blue. The mixture of these colors is known as grayish blue. The color of zinc powder is bluish-gray. 

This color is also a mixture of gray with blue, yet bluish gray is a little darker than grayish blue. Knowing the color of both products is critical. As a result, you don’t need to get confused anymore anytime zinc dust manufacturers show two different products to you.  

The Reaction When It Is Mixed with Other Substrates 

Both products also have different reactions when they are mixed with other substrates. The reaction of zinc dust is faster compared to zinc powder. This is because the metal surface of zinc dust is easily exposed to the acid. 

On the other hand, zinc powder reacts smoothly when mixed with other substrates. Manufacturers that are using hydrogen gas often use zinc dust instead of zinc powder. 

Remember! Trusted zinc dust manufacturers are about to offer two different zinc products. You must notify it before choosing and ordering it. Check the product according to the differences above to get the right zinc. Best of all, you can also get high-quality zinc as you wish.

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