zinc oxide grades

Zinc Oxide Grades and What You Need to Know About It

There is a lot of helpful chemicals that are being used to make our life better, safer, and more comfortable. One of these chemicals is zinc oxide which is widely used in sunscreen and cosmetics. But what is zinc oxide grades and why is it being used widely?

What Is Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide or ZnO is zinc that has been oxidized and comes in powder form, it comes from the mineral zincite that occurs naturally. This compound is used in a wide variety of personal care products and cosmetics like make up, baby lotions, or foot powder.

Besides those personal care products and cosmetics, one of the most beneficial qualities of zinc oxide grades is its capability to protect the skin from the harmful UV radiation of the sun, that is why this compound is also being used to make sunscreen. 

Zinc oxide grades are also being widely used as additive compounds in a wide range of different products like plastics, ceramics, rubbers, paints, ointments, pigments, sealants, adhesives, first-aid tapes, and food. This is because zinc oxide will provide white color, can act as fungicide and bactericide, and can prevent discoloration of paints and plastics.

Why Is This Compound Used?

Zinc oxide is commonly used as a colorant and bulking agent. In the United States, zinc oxide is also used in OTC or over-the-counter drug products as a skin protectant like in diaper rash cream, and broad spectrum UV filter to prevent harmful UV radiation from the sunlight.

Zinc oxide grades will work to block the UV rays physically. This is important because UV light can have a wide range of impact to the skin and overall health like sunburn, premature skin aging, even as far as skin cancer.

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