(and other short pieces)

Theotokos Four avatars of the mother of God. 

Winter Solstice My own personal Jesus.

Heirloom A brother, lost.

Fleshy Tablets Tattooed redemption.

How They Eat in Heaven In giving, we receive.

Without Compulsory Means Letting go of the reins.

Thou Hypocrite Are we not all beggars?

Oil of Gladness On women and priesthood.

A Living Sacrifice The body as an offering.

Greater Good Freedom yields pain; pain yields love.

Bitter, Sweet The duality of reality.

Staying Alive Surviving suicidal depression.

Burning the Beast Don’t clean up–just torch it all.

Shaulee’s Door Suffer the children.

Rings and Repentance A belatedly penitent thief.

Giving Back From daughter to mother.

Walking on Eggshells The wholeness of a broken heart.


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Art credit: "Altered Waters" by Leslie Graff

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