Reader Responses

Here are a few favorite excerpts from reader emails. More feedback can be found at Amazon and Goodreads.

“Not only did I stay awake til 2 am reading your book, but I brought it with me to the garage for my car inspection. Five minutes into reading I was bawling, runny nose down the face, looking completely mental. The guys politely tried to avert their eyes.” –Jennie


“I have not finished reading The Year My Son and I Were Born, but I am moved to write you even before I finish reading. Wow! You have told a wonderful story from the trenches, from moment to moment, with love and understanding.” –Lou


“Thank you for your courage in writing your book about your family. It put into words many of the feelings I have been having myself. Although our stories differ and we have different challenges, we are mothers who only want the best for our children.” –Bronwyn


“I spent the day yesterday in airplanes or airports, but I didn’t even notice, because I enjoyed this book so much. Bravo! I know your primary audience was not men, but this man thanks you for your work and your insights.” –Mark


“Mothers and women of faith are tested, challenged, angered, and ill-tempered from time to time. Both mothering and practicing religion of any sort are uniquely trying and often exhausting pursuits. In writing a book about both that idealizes neither, you ultimately demonstrate that both faith and parenthood–of any child, with any challenge–are worth the frustration and disappointment that inevitably come with them.” –Lori


“I am only half way through “The Year My Son and I Were Born” but felt compelled to write you. It is like reading my own thoughts, my own feelings, my own story. Your words, your wisdom, your candid stories are very eye-opening for me.” –Kristie


“Having your book in the special needs section does not do enough. Your book is so much more than that. It is a book about mothering, dealing with post-partum depression, loosing it with your kids! And looking at the deep places of the heart. You have so much to share, and your honesty is NEEDED so that others have the courage to do what you did: look inside.” –Ellen


“I just finished reading your book and I am deeply moved. I feel as if somebody gathered all of the chaos in my head, sorted through it, put everything in it’s proper place and then explained why I felt the things I did after [my son] was born.” –Lianna


“I really admire your strength to write the book with such honesty. Thank you for writing a book that helped me process some of the wildy different emotions I’ve experienced with a baby with more than the ordinary needs.” –Kelly


“I’ve read quite a bit about the experience of parenting a child with a disability over the years- whether in my field (I am a teacher), or as a parent. Few books have touched me as yours, probably because you expressed so many of my same feelings. Those are feelings many of us have instinctually, but cannot put into words as eloquent as yours.” –Ann


“I read your book last week and I’ve been thinking about it constantly, trying to find the right words for how I feel about it. And all I can come up with is, thank you.” –Maggie

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  1. Claudia

    I just now finished this wonderful book, it leaves me with so many thoughts about the mysteries of this life. I am so saddened that 90% of these babies end up being destroyed before birth, without even being given a chance. We live in the most self-centered society, where it’s “all about me” I sure would love to read an update on Thomas, and see current pictures of him ! the only other book I have ever read about Down Syndrome is “Cara” by Martha Jablow, stressing the importance of early intervention, and how Cara flourished because of it. Thank you, Kathryn, for your great love. – Claudia

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